Traditional Womb-to-Tomb Care

Wombs of Wata (WoW) supports all rites of passage for girls, femmes, and women. Our full circle offerings cover the womb phases from pre-birth through death with a holistic and physiological approach. Our wombs are the original indicators of the body and spirit’s overall well-being. Hence, we center nurturing and sustaining the health of every womb through abortion and loss, menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, matrescence, and menopause.

As a flagship program of WITT, Wombs of Wata guides girls, femmes, and women back to the ways of old by connecting with nature and ancestral traditions. We also mentor birth keepers, doulas, midwives, and womb lovers with embodying birth work. Let us support you, your womb, and your transformation.

Meet Our Founder, Joyell Arvella, J.D.

After learning about the overlaps of midwifery, plant wisdom, and African indigeneity on 5 continents, Wombs of Wata was created.
Joyell supports communities as a traveling birth and womb keeper, teacher, and medicine woman. While she no longer works in international human rights law full time, her legal skills plus racial and gender equity strategy and, restorative justice inform her approach to reproductive autonomy.

Joyell was put on the path of traditional birthkeeping by her Great-Aunt. While she did not choose to become a birthkeeper, she accepted the assignment 20 years ago and has supported families, girls, and women through womb-to-tomb care ever since. In addition to her apprenticeships with Community Midwives worldwide, Joyell has further codified her skills by completing The Birth Well with Nilajah Brown, SMC Full Circle Doula with Mama Shafia Monroe, and Holistic Quantum Midwifery with Whapio.

Why Wata? Like water, our bodies and wombs know how to flow for homeostasis. From our first hsmm (menarche), to pregnancy, birth, and through menopause, water is an essential element and teacher. Wombs of Wata employs water in our bath rituals, nutrition, seaside cleansing ceremonies, womb baptisms, and more.

Water has been used for communication, healing, and transitions since the beginning of time. Just as humans are formed and birthed in the water, so was this Earth according to many creation stories in indigenous African cultures.

What folks are saying…

“Joyell’s been my cheerleader, confidant, advocate, chef, coach, educator, masseuse, counselor, you name it she’s been there.”

– A.R.


Support for All Wombs




Traditional Midwifery


Teacher & Guide

Birth Keeping Offering

Being pregnant is not a medical emergency.

What if we allowed birth to be sovereign again?
You deserve to be affirmed in the birth experience you want to have. We support all wombs through pregnancy, physiological birth, loss, postpartum, and matrescense. Let us witness you. Let us help remove any fear and frustration of navigating pre and postnatal care alone.

Womb Keeping Offering

Heal the womb, heal all.

Fall in love with your uterus and watch your whole body blossom.
Many dis-eases and disorders in our girls, femmes, and women can be traced back to the health of their wombs. Our wombs tell us when we are in and out of balance. Instead of tuning into what our wombs tell us and then allowing them to heal themselves, today’s societies normalize hormone imbalances, toxic birth control practices, hysterectomies, myomectomies, period shaming, and sexual trauma. Our womb keeping guides you to reclaiming the beauty, self-healing, and power of your womb portal.

Embodiment Offering

Integrate your (un)learning.

Calling all birth workers and womb healers to the table.
Our embodiment services are all invitations for individual accountability, letting go of the saviour complex, and coming home to yourself. Through our online and in-person programs, we create a space for (un)learning, collective sharing, decentralizing the United States as the standard, and making tangible change in our communities.

You May Be Wondering

Support for those who bleed and desire womb healing. Whether your goal is to reduce menstrual pain, work through generational womb grief, heal your mother-daughter relationship(s), or any womb hormonal imbalance caused by birth control, abortion, or disorders, we will work together to bring you and your womb into a balanced rhythm.

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Support for before and after your baby arrives Earthside. Being pregnant and giving birth are not medical crises. WoW is committed to humanizing pregnancy and birth again for all life-givers. Whether this is your first or seventh pregnancy, we are here to honor your birth journey and its uniqueness. WoW also provides extensive postpartum care for as long as you desire.

All of our offerings are offered in-person, long-distance, and on a sliding scale.

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Are you a mother or life-giver who did not have a doula or supportive birth team? Perhaps you gave birth 5 or 20 years ago and you just recently learned about the benefits of having a birth keeper after crossing into motherhood. Now, you understand that there are still some parts of you that need closure. It is never too late to come home to yourself.

During our time, we will customize a time spiral, connection sessions, village circles, and womb attunement to your needs.

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Wombs of Wata (WoW) online school is an international integration platform for birth and womb keepers. WoW provides online learning opportunities and in-person programs for keepers in the United States, Sénégal, and South Africa. We center traditional midwifery from the African diaspora to add visibility to some of the most ancient reproductive care practices in the world.

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We offer a 9-day immersive program for birth workers in Sénégal. Our focus is embodying birth work beyond being present for births. Our program prioritizes hosting an intimate group of doulas, keepers, or midwives for independent study and collective wisdom sharing. Topics covered include:

  • Embodying womb work and writing workshops,
  • Herbalism and market walks,
  • Calabash Midwifery,
  • Birth work and rites of passage in Senegal and West Africa,
  • Traditional Medicine and Herbalism,
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Traditions,
  • Baby Wearing,
  • Naming Ceremonies,
  • Psychoactive Plant Medicine for Birth,
  • Cleansing Rituals,
  • Kemetic Womb Yoga,
  • Wolof and French classes, and more.

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As a traveling birth keeper who has been to 30+ countries solo, I have learned how to relocate to non-English speaking communities and expand my practice. If you are a birth worker who wants support relocating to another country, learning another language, or taking your birth practice to new communities, let’s connect.