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  • Writer in the Tub

    Healing Myself E-guide


    I have suffered from eczema and skin disorders since I was a child. That all changed when I went to India for a month solo. There, I met midwives and Ayurvedic doctors who put me on a path to radical healing. This e-guide is a wellness letter and invitation to begin shifting your mindset to embody practices that offer clear skin and slower living.

    Included in the 32-page e-guide are:

    • tools,
    • practices,
    • recipes,
    • reflection prompts, and more!

    Distribution of this e-guide is strictly prohibited. Please practice integrity and honesty by not making copies, forwarding, or plagiarizing any part of the guide after purchasing.

    © 2022 Writer in the Tub • All Rights Reserved

  • Realignment by Water Healing Guide


    Your go-to ceremonial guide for using water to reconnect with your body. Water is healing. If you have been feeling disconnected from your body, use this healing water guide to return to yourself. You are your home.


    • Suggested sensory practices, rituals, and  tools
    • Suggested steps for a water ceremony
    • Aftercare
  • Sojourn Journals by Writer in the Tub and Odette Press

    Sojourn Journal


    Be one of the few people to own one of these book size limited-edition journals. Each journal is handmade and supports two women-owned businesses.

    Owning a Sojourn Journal is owning a piece of nature, water. Each indigo colored journal is held together by four copper staples, and includes heirloom burgundy okra seeds, an unpublished poem by Joyell Arvella, and dried herbs. The number four represents femininity and the sacred elements of African traditions.  Copper was chosen as a conduit for your energy on every page. Okra seeds are tethered to the ancestral wisdom of the African continent. The dried herbs can be used in any ritual with intention. These journals go well with our Sojourn Residency.

    These limited journals are perfect gifts for the creative, birth worker, and spiritual seeker in your life. Gift your loved one (including yourself) the invitation to slow down and sojourn with one of our handicrafts. Take them on your next adventure around the world, to your favorite cafe, your family altar, and even to your kitchen to remember recipes.  These journals are one of a kind and will not be available again until mid or late 2023.


    8.5 x 7.5; indigo cover; 40 blank pages; small batch and limited edition; handmade by Odette Press in Baltimore, Maryland 2022

  • Solo Traveler's Guide to Oaxaca by Writer in the Tub

    Solo Traveler’s Guide to Oaxaca, Mexico ~ Spiritual Edition [Updated with writing prompts]


    Are you planning to spend a few weeks in Oaxaca, Mexico? Take my solo traveler’s guide with you!

    My guide includes:

    • Where to find the infamous red bowl tub
    • Neighborhoods to consider for accommodations
    • Transportation recommendations
    • Eating your way around
    • Menstrual care
    • How to avoid healing scammers
    • Writing prompts and more!