lineage in praxis

An apprenticeship for integration and application.

Lineage in Praxis is for those who answered the call to be the family creator, cycle breaker, guardian, healer, or birth keeper. This apprenticeship is for those seeking guidance to: integrate their learnings, exist in this world without being consumed by it, and thread more ancestral ways into their multihyphenate practice with tangibility.

Join a curated group of apprentices for 4 months to integrate Indigenous wisdom blueprints of communal instruction, application, and rematriation.

“It is easy to be the creative, healer, and birth keeper in the mountains. The work begins on the way down. Can you reflect out what you learned in isolation?”

– Joyell Arvella, JD

Settle in…

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the Container

If you found your way here, it is likely because you have noticed the shifts taking place. If you’re like many people in my orbit, you’ve been searching for new spaces that allow you to recognize your inner wisdom, reconnect with your “work” in a purposeful way, and apply your multifaceted knowledge under the guidance of another teacher. Maybe you’ve been wanting to infuse more ancestral wisdom into practice or longing to be with likeminded kinfolks.

If that resonates, I created lineage in praxis for you.

Ready to learn together?

“Joyell offers a rooted and graceful wealth of wisdom that is heart-centered while honoring her ancestral lineage and family legacy…Joyell continues to ignite my spirit by walking her walk and inspires others to do the same; ‘a woman who is with.’”

Estevan Valdes

You May Be Wondering About Our Modalities

Baskets are cultural tools for harvesting and carrying valuables. You will be given three handpicked tools to add to your existing basket or create a new one. Personalized alchemy baskets are available as an add-on if requested.

English can be a limiting language. We will learn the power of words as a modality. This includes learning “click” sounds and community greetings in isiXhosa; as well as ancestral terminology in isiZulu, Swahili, Gullah Geechee, Kreyol, and Serer.

Each month, we will work with one herb, root, or seed such as kola nut, african dream root, hyssop, okra, and more.

Everything is interconnected. You will expand your learning of this Indigenous concept and apply it to your practice.

Sessions will be held in person and virtually. Recordings are not guaranteed for all portions of the apprenticeship. You will also have access to a private study group to further your learning.

Assignments will not be graded. However, you are encouraged to complete all reading, research, and writing assignments.


What You Will Learn:

  • the foundations of integration and rematriation in Indigenous cultures
  • the “Three Worlds” system from an Indigenous perspective
  • to create and present an integration framework that is rooted in integrity and honors your lineages
  • to assess and redesign your gifts to reflect the times
  • to identify and apply the signs of being an interdisciplinary healer
  • 4 plancestors for integration, working with one per month
  • ancestral terminology, generative practices, and physiology for reproductive cycles
  • to make a tincture for balance and protection
  • to align your practice with the seasons of your ancestral origins
  • to build community accountability from the inside out
  • the historical roles of interdisciplinary beings for collective liberation and joy
Photo by Schaun Champion

Learn to identify and transform your gifts into skills that support your career, communities, and healing practices. Each month is dedicated to working with one aspect of the lineage in praxis framework below.

1 – freshwater

We begin with your beginnings. To move forward, you must retrieve your origin stories. You will be guided through rituals and teachings about the Three Worlds to uncover when you received the call for your path, what keeps you there, and how your lineage may be guiding you to do more. You will learn the signs of being an interdisciplinary healer and work with your first plancestor for integration with your study group.
What is wanting to flow out of you and into the world?

2 – oyster

Integration requires a dedicated place to be a hermit with sacred boundaries. You will learn about the concepts of rematriation and “umsamo,” how to create a space in your home, and the properties of a second plancestor to make your tincture. Finally, you will begin drafting an outline of a personal framework to reshape your offerings.
How can you allow more spaciousness while being in hermit mode?

3 – pearl

Now that you have felt the pressure building, it’s time to see what the integration process has (re)birthed with you. Using your third plancestor, you will explore ancestral terminology, generative practices, and physiology for wombology. Even if you do not have a uterus and are not interested in birth cycles, this is a great month to understand why your work is most potent when it is aligned with the seat of earth’s womb.

Why does the world need your gift?

4 – estuary

This is the month for you to explore where the waters of your practice meet. Weaving your offerings with your values is no small feat, but you’ve done it. Now it is time to invite your concept of joy, community accountability, and finalize your personal framework. You will be guided through a closing ritual for your elevated self and given your fourth plancestor for integration.
Where do your waters meet?
For you

You will receive

  • 3 handpicked alchemy tools to build your traveling alchemy basket, full baskets are available as add-ons
  • 4 group gatherings with instruction,  in-person or virtual 
  • handwritten letter in the mail
  • private study group for continued learning in between gatherings
  • guidebook
  • a 45-minute private consultation with Joyell
  • 4 reading and writing assignments
  • tincture for balance and protection
  • an individual framework (designed by you!) to use in your community, business, or healing practice
  • an opening and closing ritual
  • special invitations to future classes, events, retreats, and workshops
  • access to a community of multidimensional medicine weavers



This apprenticeship is offered on a self-determined payment scale. All are welcome to apply.

Applications close on July 17th. All accepted apprentices will be notified by July 24th. If accepted, full payment or a $333 non-refundable deposit is due by July 28th. We begin the week of Lion’s Gate in August.

In-person classes will be held in Maryland on the first Sundays in August-November at 11:00 am EST.

Virtual classes will be held live on second Saturdays in August-November at 12:00 pm EST | 5:00 pm UTC.

“I am committed to establishing a business model equal to my calling and passion…I have always been a very high energy, hyper person. While in Joyell’s presence, I literally feel compelled to calm down. It is a very pleasant feeling. Most notable is her ability to connect and affirm.”

Sharon Matthews

lineage in


An apprenticeship for integration and application.