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Meet Joyell Arvella, JD

Weaving traditional midwifery with healing and elemental wisdom.
Joyell (she/her) supports communities as a traveling birth keeper, teacher, medicine woman, and creative. While she no longer works in international human rights law full time, her legal skills plus racial and gender equity strategy and, restorative justice inform her approach to decolonization.

Joyell was put on the traditional birthkeeping path by her Great-Aunt 20 years ago. She has supported families through womb-to-tomb care ever since. In addition to her apprenticeships with Community Midwives worldwide, Joyell has further codified her skills by completing The Birth Well with Nilajah Brown, SMC Full Circle Doula with Mama Shafia Monroe, and Holistic Quantum Midwifery with Whapio.

Why Wata? Like water, our bodies know how to flow for homeostasis. Since the beginning of time, water has been used for communication, healing, and transitions. Just as humans are formed and birthed in the water, according to many creation stories in indigenous African cultures, so was Earth.

Writer in the Tub infuses the ancestral teachings and healing of water as a sacred modality.

What folks are saying…

“Joyell’s been my cheerleader, confidant, advocate, chef, coach, educator, masseuse, counselor, you name it she’s been there.”

– Aisha Rivers


Where My Waters Meet…


Lineage Apprenticeship


Full Cycle Birthkeeping


Business Collaboration

Lineage in Praxis Apprenticeship

A 4-month apprenticeship and gathering for multidimensional medicine weavers
This container is curated for people of all disciplines to focus on how to integrate ancestral wisdom from their lineage, embrace being interdisciplinary beings, and apply that to their own framework for business, home, and communities..

Birth Keeping Offering

Heal the womb, heal all.

Fall in love with your uterus and watch your whole body blossom.
You deserve to be affirmed. We support all wombs through fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, physiological birth, loss, postpartum, matrescense, and menopause. We work together to remove the fear and frustration of navigating reproductive care alone.

Business Collab Offering

Flow with intention

Calling all creatives, lifestyle brands, and birth workers.
Gone are the days of creating a business solely for profit. Consumers want to know that what they’re supporting aligns with their values. Let’s work together to refine your offers, develop a content strategy that works for you, or highlight why more people should support your products and services.

What’s my superpower? Being a medicine weaver that embodies the ancestral wisdom of everything being interconnected.

“Joyell brings a grounding and affirming energy into the spaces she holds. As a mentor, she offers a perspective rooted in spirit and gives intentional feedback to help you evolve as a healer.”

Kendall Newman