Why should you partner with me?

The global majority of people are of color and they want to make sure experiences, places, and products are safe. Safe for them, their communities, and the environment. My experience as a solo woman traveler since 2008, birthkeeper for 20 years, and racial and gender justice strategist for 14 years informs how I choose my partnerships. Writer in the Tub exists as the water apothecary I wish I had when I set out to see the world, learn from elders and midwives, and return to ancient rituals WITT is about sharing genuine stories and having organic partnerships.

If you are looking for womb work support (i.e., fertility, menstruation, abortion, loss, birth, labor, or postpartum doula support), please note that I accept new clients on a referral basis only. This allows me to maintain the integrity and sacredness of my practice.

My values

Writer in the Tub is a human-centered business. As such, partnering with brands and organizations that are aligned in values and practice is a top priority. WITT values:

  • Locally owned and operated businesses and experiences
  • Community and Language Justice
  • Plant-based friendly and cruelty-free consumption
  • Land and water conservation and regeneration
  • Sustainable production
  • Recyclable and plastic-free products

Have questions? Learn more about how I move through the world as a traveling doula, writer, and solo wanderer.

How can we work together?

Cultivating long-term relationships is how I like to build community. Maybe you are a vintage store owner wanting to showcase robe styling for a bath, a wellness retreat looking to expand their market to be more inclusive, or perhaps you are wanting to promote a unique experience at your hotel? Regardless of your industry, I am interested in learning how our values align and how we can collaborate. If you are feeling creative and want to propose an offer that does not fit under one of the following categories, please get in touch.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your boutique hotel, homestay, or retreat. Invite me for a bathtub stay to create colorful and engaging content to share why your stay should be the top choice for other travelers. I’ll bring my equipment, you provide the plane ticket and stay!

Holding spaces for creativity and learning is one of my passions. Hire me to teach a customized workshop on womb work, creating your business as a sanctuary, wellness practices, herbalism, or writing (of course!). In-person and virtual workshops are available.

For local business owners, experience designers, and restaurants, this is for you! I would love to visit your location, be featured in an upcoming project, or try your products or services in exchange for an honest review. Let’s collaborate!

Creative Collaborations & Features