Of all the elements, water is my favorite. Coming back to the essence of water after being in the legal and justice field for 10+ years was like settling into my home. A home that had been empty for a long time but was ready to be decorated with nature, people, and experiences. Writer in the Tub was birthed while I was piecing my creative and home practices together in Oaxaca, Mexico. Welcome to my rebirth.

Answering the question “where are you from?” has always been a challenge for me. I grew up in multiple countries, with a colorful ancestry, so the answer to that question is…complex. For now, my answer is, “I come from my mothers’ wombs.” Read exclusive content from my forthcoming book, A Cocoon of Mothers.

I come from my mothers’wombs.

Writer + Travel with Intention
Writing and wandering are my two greatest joys. When I completed law school and was a racial justice strategist full time, the desire to be a writer waking up on different continents never quelled. I even worked at the United Nations just so I could country hop on the weekends…with a journal in tow. I quickly learned that being a lawyer in racial justice was not the life I wanted. While I no longer work in law or racial justice, my 14 years of experience inform the way I travel with equitable intention.

Birth and Womb Keeper+ Ancient Wellness
I began supporting births 20 years ago. Since then, I have trained with various healers, teachers, and midwives in full-circle womb work (fertility, menstrution, pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and loss), Ayurvedic medicine, smai tawi and yoga (RYT 200+ hours), herbalism, and psychedelic plant medicine.

Water Dancer + Healing Rituals
We all know how sacred water is. However, I learned how to work with water and use healing rituals after my Great Aunt transitioned in 2012 and my cousin died by suicide in 2015. Although they were the catalysts for my growth, I have expanded my water practice to share healing baths, nourishing daily rituals, and communing with nature.


Writer in the Tub

Writer in the Tub is a repository for embodying creativity, freedom, and the wisdom of nature. I take my birth work, indigenous African practices, and writings on the road (and airplane) – educating, feeding, and supporting communities when I am invited to do so. This is how I choose to honor the legacies passed down by the artists, healers, and midwives in my bloodline.

In addition to content stays and reviews, I collaborate with brands, institutions, and creative outlets for various offerings, such as experiences, writing prompts, and workshops.