Because of books, writing, and an inquisitive longing for home, I have learned to create sanctuaries and temples no matter where in the world the wind carries me. Writer in the Tub is the creative water apothecary of my love for ancient bath culture, ancestral reproductive practices, and slow living while existing in a capitalist world.

Writer in the Tub is an invitation to you creatives, healers, and wanderers. Live your life as a ritual. You deserve to enjoy this world. Go inward and find sanctuary within yourself.

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The Writer

My approach to living my life to the fullest is multi-dimensional. As a gatherer of skillsets, I am a healing artist, womb worker, nomad, educator, medicine woman, and facilitator. I am also a reformed activist after working in international human rights law and equity for a number of years.

Since beginning my solo travels in 2008, my definition of home has evolved to mean anyone and anywhere I do not have to convince my body to rest. I created Writer in the Tub during an artist residency in Oaxaca, Mexico to guide others back to themselves. You are your home.

Freedom lives here.

Bluddy Waters

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